What is Berber Fleece?

This unique wool based “pile” fabric is a close cousin to our Berber Wool ™ but is engineered to be much “flatter” on the surface to provide less friction when used in key areas within our garment designs and also, less attraction of burrs and debris across the board. This proprietary fabric took us years to perfect and while itsless loftythan our Berber-Wool, it still presents the same dull/ natural looking exterior appearance and is still a highly textured knitted (not woven) fabric. Our “jacquard” knitting technique ensures a uniform saturation of inks throughout the entire thickness of the fabric. Not only does this allow for less fading of the surface colors over time, it also lowers the levels of unnatural synthetics such as inks on the exterior surface as compared to “printed” fabrics. The combination of the jacquard knit and the flatter face allows our Fleece-Wool to still appear very natural while reducing friction and minimizing retention of burrs in areas such as the lower portions of our pant legs.

What makes Berber Fleece unique to our brand?

  • Proprietary “flatter” fleece like exterior texture
  • “Ultra quiet” but “flatter” surface reduces friction and burr retention
  • Incredibly warm and extremely quiet fabric overall
  • Our S18 camo pattern is “knitted” into the fabric not printed
  • Lower pile height reduces bulk in key areas such as lower sleeves and lower legs
  • Knitted exterior texture for an incredibly natural appearance in the woods
  • 25% Wool/ 75% Polyester construction improves durability and fiber retention