What's Included?

Win all three sets of Code of Silence clothing!

Verdigre HoodieVerdigre CapVerdigre GloveVerdigre Pant

Early Season

Verdigre Series

the most versatile gear we have in the line. The full "Fleece-Wool" construction makes this series the right choice for active scenarios and covering ground to and from the stand.

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Zone7-Versa Hooded JacketZone7-Versa Pant


Zone7-Versa Series

We built this line to adapt to both the lower and upper end temperatures of the midwest in peak rut. Construction of this series was designed for ideal movement and shooting function.

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Coldfjall BibColdfjall ParkaColdfjall Dialed In ™ StandCapColdfjall Balaclava

Our Warmest Gear


All of the warmth, minimal bulk thanks to our layering system designed into these garments.

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Field Proven by
Bill Winke

"I chose Code of Silence for the 2022 season because of the warmth of Berber, it's very quiet, and it breaks up the human form in the tree stand. I'm very excited about this new outerwear line."

Contest Details


Package to include all 3 sets (size of choice on each) Also include 1 beanie and 1 pair of gloves.

Package includes:

Verdigre Hoodie $140

Verdigre Pant $130

Verdigre Clove $25

Veridgre Cap $20

Zone Versa 7 Hooded Jacket $170

Zone Versa 7 Pant $160

Coldfjall Parka $250

Coldfjall Bib $240

Coldfjall Balaclava $40

$1175 Total Value