“Natural is Natural”

If Yogi Bera was a hunter and he was talking camo, he’d likely tell you “natural is natural”… Well, we couldn’t agree more Yog’, but in order to create the best camo product possible, we must also understand that “unnatural is unnatural”. 

While the design that goes into a camo pattern is extremely important in creating a natural appearance, there is simply far more at play than utilizing dozens of colors, detailed leaves, ultra-realistic sticks or abstract shapes in a camo design. We bundled all the needed components up and categorized them into four main drivers needed to create a truly natural appearance and hence a natural reaction from animals. These four main drivers are :



Colors should be as “natural” as possible, and our S18 pattern colors were taken straight from the bark of common hardwoods. After identifying the right colors, we also understand that incorporating them on a flat surface, simply won’t create a truly natural appearance. Texture quickly comes into play.


Code of Silence’s high textured fabrics are unmatched in terms of melting the human form into the woods around them. Nothing in nature is “flat” period. It’s also important to note that everything that nature creates is 100% organic, and 100% synthetic (man-made) materials laden with harsh inks simply won’t suffice in effectively mimicking nature’s organic environment. 


We use as much organic composition in our fabrics as possible while also maintaining the durability that hunting gear demands. Our gear is colored using dye and print techniques that minimize the use of harsh inks. In fact, both of our current main outer shells are dyed at the fiber level (not printed) and then these fibers are knitted into the fabric to form the base camo pattern and core shell materials.


Mother Nature is the best camouflage designer we will ever know. This is why we used extensive studies of the most common hardwoods in whitetail country at an average mid-stand height of 18′ to determine the element size and frequency in our S18 pattern. Being “natural” is not a hard thing to do really, mother nature provides all the tools, we just utilize them.